7 March 2010

I Re-Signed...

It feels like I’m signing off my soul to the devil.

So finally, I got my confirmation to my new post. Honestly speaking, I am elated with the offer I got. Without hesitation, I signed. But now that the euphoria has died down, it feels like I am making a wrong decision here. I wanted out of the corporate world and be with the family for a time now. By virtue of this new contract, I am tying myself down for a year, at least. My mom won’t be happy.

I used to think that I am working hard for the money. Uhm, well, I still think that’s very important, but now that I have reached my goal, the pay does not seem to be as important as before.

I just hope that I made the right decision. I pray that the power that BE will help me make this a decision I won’t regret.

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