20 October 2010

Histrionics and Dramatics

Sometimes I do have a soft spot for the dramatics but only for impact, nothing more. I never was a fan of histrionics and the drama that goes with it. I do understand that some people make this their life's template. Not me. Not only I am averse to it I also don't know what's the appropriate response to people who have the penchant of making a scene.

I used to work in a company where people shout at each other. No, not people at my level but people in the senior management positions. Ok maybe that is a tad too generalized. Let me be more specific, in my previous company, the Indian bosses like to shout. They like to shout at their subordinates. The former global head of my account seems to find the day unproductive if he was not able to shout at his people. One poor Indian paper pusher was even told during a global meeting that he was not needed. Poor bloke, he was half sobbing answering the strafing of queries from the managers. The good thing about this boss is that he seems to recognized that shouting is not the best way to motivate the Pinoys. He was alone in this though. The Asia-Pacific boss shouts at our global account head, while the CEO does not mince words nor decibel level when showing his displeasure at the Asia-Pacific boss. It's funny sometimes but it's not a party when one is the recipient of the histrionics being pulled by the boss. My former boss was also a bombay and he is from the same mold. Although he has not shouted at me, he has been very liberal in pushing the decibel level up even on minute displeasure. Why, he even raises his voice when he's happy. Maybe with more than a billion people in the sub-continent, one has to shout to be heard. Just wondering.

This is one of the many reasons I left that company. It's just not my style.

Now, I am working with my mom. While she does not shout at me, she, too, is into histrionics and dramatics so much that her tears almost can fall on cue! It always leaves me confused when after a discussion the response is a river of tears. Emotional "blackmail" sucks! It is the worst feeling and of course I feel bad making my mom cry. Unfortunately I can't just resign from the family business.

I wish that histrionics and dramatics are left to the unoriginal soap operas. Or at the very least outside the workplace. Me, I do my dramatics and histrionics here in the blogosphere, in that way the person who may chance upon my blog can opt not to read histrionics and my poor writing style.

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