26 December 2008

Christmas Morning

Wake up little darling
it's Christmas morning
the sun is up, it's time to open
all the gifts that you've been given

You had been dreaming
angels are singing
but now they're gone
and once again it's time
to go on with our lives

Lets hope that the next year
will be better than the last year
and somehow we’d all get by
and maybe the time will come
when we wont need to pretend
to be happy for just a while

World keeps on turning
fools keep on wishing
and when you wake
you’ll find that everything
is not what we dreamed them to be

Wake up little darling
it's Christmas morning
so rise and shine
lets make the most of happy holidays
or maybe i should just
let you dream for a while longer
wherever's a better place than here.

**This is a cut from the Eraserheads' Christmas album, Fruitcake. It is a shame that not many songs became famous from that album because I believe that Fruitcake is the best album from the Eraserheads. I love this song because it paints a realistic picture of the morning after Christmas. That of melancholy. Where we don't need to pretend that all is jolly and happy and we have to face the world yet again, this time without the numbing Christmas euphoria yet still hopeful that there's a better place out there, even if it can only exist in our dreams.**

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