1 January 2009

Happy New Year

I always think of myself as not-so-serious. Not because I have a non-serious disposition but more because I think my head throbs when I am being serious. So I try to make things lite in my life. But nothing unheavy is coming my way and it's all about fatherhood and fathers. So at the risk of a splitting head ache, I need to face this with all seriousness.

The year 2009 will be a year of great expectations starting with the first few days. My baby boy is due January 8. I am going to be a father soon. And depending on the doctor's availability, I will be getting the result of my father's biopsy of his tumor right about the same time.

If one is in my position which should be the feelings to entertain first? The joy and excitement of becoming a father or that sadness and grief of having to face the illness of my father. It's not unlike a sweet and sour dish, except that I'd rather just have the sweet part.

So 2009 matter-of-factly will be about my being a father and my father. Sans emotions, that's that. The women in my life (my wife and my mom) will be there, thank God. And they probably will be the key to help all of us survive this year.

So my friends (who are able to read this blog at this point), to me, 2009 will be a lesson on the circle of life. There will be no need for pity or grief for me. But I definitely will need the prayers. For strength (for me and my family) to face this tumor (which I hope is benign) and strength (for me and my wife) to be great parents to our future son.

Lot's of changes in my life this year. Major ones. I don't know how to go about it but I guess there's always the cliche of starting it with a single step. One day at a time. Promise, I won't forget to breathe.

Happy new year!


Overdressed Me said...

29. What do you wear more, jeans and sweatpants? *Not just jeans sweetheart, Levi's.

- gihilasan ko!!!! lol. miss u Ron!

Ron Reyes said...

murag sayop ang imong gicommentan nga article Di hahahahaha. Hilason ma n jud ko. Mishu Di!!