17 December 2008


If blogs should be named according to it's content then this blog's name is a misnomer. This blog will be about me. Yes, the tag line (insomniac by choice) is the hint but the picture says it all. It's not about being sleepless at all but about ME. After all, vanity is my favorite sin. Well, sometimes maybe I may write about about people I know, things I like, and things I like to do (that societal norms would allow to be published).

Sleepless is the title because that is how I am. I hardly get enough sleep. But even if I sleep for 12 hours straight, I would still be sleepy. I am perennially yawning. Although, most of the time, when it's time for me to sleep, I'd rather not. I either want to hang out with friends drinking (and smoking) or watcing TV or surfing the net.

So basically, this blog will just be an avenue for me to be heard and understood. It's about me and the world as seen by my extemely handsome eyes. Did I forget to say that not only am I vain, I also am yet to know the meaning of humilty?

And before I make your eyes roll, my friend, let me stop and allow me to thank you for dropping by this vanity blurbs. You come back now, ya hear!

1 comment:

kEwL MomMa said...

Your are vain...and if vanity is a sin, you will surely go to hell..hahaha!!!! **love yah!**