19 January 2009

My Sinulog Story

Pit Señor! It's that time of the year again when the entire Cebu goes berserk and drunk to celebrate Sinulog. Too bad I can't be there this year but I am dead sure my friends are celebrating it there like they used to... drunk and wet. Wet, whether it's raining or not!

The difference with Sinulog and the Kadayawan here in Davao is that Sinulog is primarily a religious feast while Kadayawan is a harvest festival. When it's Sinulog time, the entire Cebu is in thanksgiving mode. Even the big establishments. So the big bars celebrate Sinulog with a drink-all-you-can "gimmick", that's why the entire Cebu is drunk during the Sinulog Sunday.

My Sinulog story began with a drink-all-you-can in Club Vudu. I love Vodka so I had my fill of Vodka the entire night I was there in Vudu. Unfortunately, Vodka is also popular so they run out of it fast. The next best thing was Bailey's. The problem is that mixing one's drink is not really good. It makes the stomach go awry.

So there I was, drunk with Vodka and Bailey's. The entire club was having a blast partying while my stomach was also having a different party inside. The party was so wild that I can't take it anymore. I have to let it out. Puke. I seldom really vomit while I drink but this time, I just can't control it. I was having a dilemma if I should go down the stairs and puke in the men's room because I know I won't reach that far. So I decided not to walk the eternity that separated me and the men's room and just barf where I was. The ledge. i was thinking that if I walk, I'd puke at the stairs and people will notice. At the ledge, nobody noticed that I barfed unless someone smelled me.

The first time I celebrated Sinulog, I had a terrible hangover. I never want to drink again after that. Well, for a few days anyway. Those were the days.

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