15 January 2009

If You Seek Amy and Other Things

Britney Spears has done it again. As if controversy behind her personal life is not enough, Britney is causing stir again with her new song, If You Seek Amy. You ask what's the controversy about? Nope, it's not the video, it's the title itself. What you say is wrong with looking for a girl named amy? Nothing except that the title is a play on words, look closely, "if you seek amy" is just like f-u-c-k-me! Fuck me!!! Oh well, if there's anybody who deserved to say "fuck me!", it's Britney for sure. Check the lyrics below and judge for yourself if indeed it should be banned.

I cause a stir myself to some of my colleagues when I announced my impending departure by end of February. Some suggested that I can juggle working as a call center supervisor and helping out in the family business but most resigned to the fact that I really have to. I have to help my mom in the family business because she will not be able to be 100% because of my dad's illness. Sigh.

The American Idol season has begun yesterday. I'm excited about that. I became a big fan starting season 6 (my bet was the eventual runner-up to Jordin Sparks, Blake Lewis) and I can't wait to see how season 8 will turn out.

I've finally figured out what my new year's resolution (or new year promise that I could break) will be. And that is to tone down my outspoken-ness. I am mean and I don't hesitate to make a comment. And I don't mince words. I say it as I see it. This year, I will try to shut my pie hole more often than I want to.


Anonymous said...

This year, I will try to shut my pie hole more often than I want to.

ohhh...but that won't be YOU anymore. :(
I love the old you--brutally honest you. It makes me see things differently.

Ron Reyes said...

I will tone it down na lang... para dili kaayo ta ka-break ug hearts hahahahaha.