15 March 2009

Hodgepodge Updates

I've been absent in the blogging community for a long time, mainly because we transferred houses and the internet connection was not restored only until very recently. I almost gave up and switched DSL provider. All is well now.

I just came from a very short trip to Manila, just 2 nights. I was there for the Eraserheads reunion concert dubbed "the Final Set". It was worth it. It was worth the effort (I had gout attack the entire time) and the time and money spent. That concert was really for the FANS. Thank you guys!

As I've said, we're in our new house. It's a lovely house. Although complete, my wife and my mom-in-law are busy customizing it to become a home. A home where our new family can finally start and take root. A home where Jacob will grow up in. Hopefully, with other siblings. We are blessed to have such generous parents. We are deeply grateful.

I've now started my 11-hour work day (4 times a week) in the office as part of my "demand" and I've slowly begun doing work for our family biz. I'm still in a daze, though. The length of time I spent in Suth is looong and I am not yet 100% in PLDC. God give me strength.

I wonder when the other part of the bargain will take effect...

My highschool friends and I are starting a blog. We decided to use Tagalog as the main language to use, for a change because most blogs are in English. We were so used to writing in Tagalog back in High School in our formal theme writing and we want to revisit that. It is www.labintatlongmapanganib.blogspot.com (it's still under construction, though).

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Anonymous said...

Hey hey! You're back!!! ;)

We got a deal on a furnished house! 14K, AC rooms, 2 bedrooms, cute kitchen...the works! ..best of all, there's FREE cable! ..yeah i know, i know...u need not worry about cable. I hate u; u have plasma TV and a huge painting to go with it! Yeah, whatever. I'll get me one one of these days...BTW, I'm so jealous! I love ur new home!!! Mella has taste in furniture..she's got class.