30 March 2009

to tweet or not to tweet...

I've been getting a lot or request to join/add them in twitter. I am not really scared or anything, it's just I am doubtful if I have enough time to tweet since (1) I am not online all the time, and (2) I do not own a blackberry to update my twitter. As it is I have to regularly check Facebook, Multiply, my blogs, my emails, and even the not-so-in-nowadays Friendster and all these take a lot of my time. I don't even have the time to bloghop and surf. But I've heard about Twitter on CNN, read them in the national paper, and friends and it's bugging me like crazy.

So, should I tweet?

Here is my commitment (when I say it's a commitment, that's damn air tight!): I will creat an account. I will try it out. But if I don't get why all these fuss, I will drop it like a hot potato.

I just hate it when I am behind the bandwagon.

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