31 January 2010

My First in 2010

It seems that I start my blogs explaining my absence very often. So let me just say I was busy and blogging did not seem to be important enough to fit in my schedule. All I do is just work and sleep. Although Mela and I went to Manila one weekend in December, that's about the only time that I was truly unwary of my responsibilities at work.

In my last entry, I announced that I tendered my immediate resignation. I eventually talked to my boss where I was talked out of an immediate resignation and instead tender a 30-day notice. I gave in primarily because I wanted a proper turn-over of responsibilities. But because of my position, I also had to talk to the director. Big mistake. So here I am still toiling in the same office. I was promoted (not yet confirmed though) and I have not heard the end of my close friends' ribbing about me always threatening to resign to get promoted (it happened twice already). I am not complaining anymore, though. Somehow the atmosphere at the office has changed and all the gripes I had about people were just temporary. I have adjusted well.

Well, that's that.

It seems it was just very recent that I was looking forward to the Christmas holidays, now January is almost done. How time flies. And here I go again, promising to blog more. I know I should. For my sake. For my sanity.

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