3 October 2009

The Night was a Good, Good, Night

For the first time since I went on leave I decided to go out. The new Bruce Willis movie, Surrogates, seemed interesting. I liked the film's concept. So I invited a friend to watch it with me (my wife was not interested). Trevor sounded enthusiastic when I told him about my plan and my invitation. Trevor has been one of the few friends who stuck with me despite my paranoia and crazy mood swings.

Before hitting the cinema, I told Trevor that I wanted to drop by National Bookstore to buy the new Dan Brown book, The Lost Symbol. Unfortunately, it was not yet available. So instead, I head to the Filipino section to check my other favorite author's new book, Bob Ong's Kapitan Sino. As I was looking for Kapitan sino, I glanced upon a book that made me gasp. There it was, in all its glory, a book I never knew existed, Tikman Ang Langit, an Anthology on the Eraserheads. I really don't know what the book was about but I grab it anyway. I don't even care what the critics think about it, all I know is that it has Eraserheads written on it and the face of the band members plastered on the cover. If you knew me, you've probably known that I am a big E-heads fan.

We headed to the cinema while I was still in euphoria with the new Eraserheads memorabilia in hand (I also bought the Bob Ong book). The cinema was not full so we were able to sit comfortably. I really like the concept of the movie. You experience life without going outside your house by controlling a robot from the comfort of your house. You can party or go to work with your robot (which looks realistically human) surrogate. I remember talking to one of my friends about how we wish that there was another "us" who would do our day-to-day responsibility, specially when we're just fed up or dead tired. This was a realization of that. As I said, good concept.

We decided to have dinner and afterwards hit a coffee shop to surf the net. While I was showing some interesting video to Trevor (like the amazing Black-Eyed Peas performance at the Oprah show), I received a PM in FB Chat. Morgan asked me if I was indeed leaving. I thought, the cat's finally out. Morgan and I chatted for a little bit and we decided to meet up and have some beer.

The entire night I was avoiding cold beverages and getting my body cold because I had a nasty cough but the prospect of catching up with a friend over Red Horse was just too hard to pass. Come hell or high water (or severe barking), we decided to meet up at Double Tap. Just when Trevor and I arrived (MOrgan arrived a few seconds later), we found out that Double Tap was already closed! so we proceeded to the new Bak Bak.

We had a couple of bottles each, I told Morgan what Trevor already knew. Indeed I resigned but I was giving a 30-day notice (which was not my original plan), I also told him that my director is convincing me to stay and move to another program (no updates on that). Morgan also shared to us his week with his mother and his English stepdad whose accent Morgan adored.

As we wind down to our last glass, a fight ensued. On one side, the employees of Bak Bak and on the other, a few drunk and rowdy folks. It was fun to watch although an unchoreographed fight scene is not really as appealing as the one in movies. What a way to bring the day and the night to an end. 'Til next time, Trevor and Morgan. Thanks for the company.

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