16 August 2010

Searching for the Right ISP

For the longest time (even when I was still based out of Cebu) my ISP has been PLDT. I really had a good experience with PLDT myDSL until we moved to Ecoland III. It has been a total ZERO connection except from 12 MidNight to 4 am. Totally unacceptable. We're currently eyeing the new Smart BRO WiMax. From what's written about the WiMax Technology (here's the link!), it seems like a good thing. Although the newest technology is the 4G LTE, WiMax is what's newest here in the Philippines. I am crossing my fingers. Oh by the way, BOO PLDT!!!

* * *

Because my experience with PLDT myDSL is horribly frustrating, I made sure that we don't get PLDT in our office. We got BayanTel instead. But sadly, I haven't been able to login to the internet since last Wednesday and all they have done so far is to call me and ask me if it's already ok or if I already reset my modem. Right now, I am not yet giving up on BayanTel. But my patience is wearing thin.

* * *

So right now, whenever I need to access the internet, I use Globe Tattoo. This time, I am the one effin' Globe because I am using my phone's SIM which has unlimited access to the internet. Beat that Globe! I mean, thank you Globe for this loop hole.

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