12 August 2010

My iPad Aspirations

Ever since i saw Steve Jobs introduced the new Apple iPad, I knew then that I want one of these. As days progressed I saw more and more applications being developed for the iPad which made me want this oversized iPod Touch more and more as well. As if to add insult to injury, the iPad is not available here in the Philippines (not officially anyway) and because of that, independent non-Apple accredited importers are selling the iPad at a prohibitively exorbitant price!

If one buys the 64gig iPad in Hong Kong, it would cost about Php32,000.00 but for the same unit, it's priced at Php45,000.00 here in Davao! That's a 40% mark-up! That's like highway robbery, tech style. I am not even thinking of the iPhone 4 which is also not available in the Philippines. When will the people in Apple realize that this country is filled with katkat people like me who, despite the lack of moolah, will still buy an iPad? Oh by the way, katkat is my term for social climber.

I am sure my mom and my wife will split their hairs at the thought of my iPad aspirations but I just can't help it. I am a gadget guy with a major streak of flashy-ness. Yes yes, I want an iPad because I want to show it off. But I also want one because I feel I want to be part of this technological maverick and applications like FlipBoard. My ass, I know.

And it doesn't help that every time I pass by a store that I think would have an iPad available I'd pause and check it out. So pardon me, I'm drooling.

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Ron said...

... oh but in the end, I did not mind the 40% mark up and bough an iPad nevertheless. so happy!