12 September 2010


I really want to be a good cocktail mixer. I know how to make a margarita by heart. Today I learned how to make a Bacardi cocktail. Soon I will be a bartender.

Here are the recipes I follow:


1 part tequila (better if it's the white one not the anejo, better quality of tequila better margarita. but the cheap ones will do)
1 part triple sec
2 parts sour juice (lime will do or lemon but it's best to just buy the Sour Mix or the margarita mix)
Lace the brim of the glass with fine iodized salt, but it's ok as well to not put any if you prefer it. You can serve this with crushed ice (or mix this with the ice in the blender).

Bacardi Cocktail

1 part grenadine (you can adjust the volume with the lime / lemon juice because this is sweet)
1 part lime or lemon juice
2 parts rum (again it would be better if you get the white one, it doesn't have to be a Bacardi but it would taste better if it is)
Unlike the margarita, mix the drink in a shaker (I improvised using a spill proof Starbucks mug) with the ice and pour the contents in a glass clean (without ice).

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