11 September 2010

Constant Change

I used to work in a bank for almost 8 years. Even though that it's been almost 7 years since I left UCPB, I always felt that I belong because a lot of my close friends are still working there. But steadily this is becoming untrue. In the very few occasions that I visit the very first company I worked with I am seeing less and less familiar faces. I don't feel I belong anymore. Even the guards and messengers have changed. I'm seeing strangers.

Today another change has happened. One of my closest friends from the bank is leaving for Canada. Jane has been my mentor when I started, now she too has left. There were a lot before her. Mia also migrated to the US, so has Cloy whom I totally lost contact with. One of my favorite bosses, Ma'am Myrna also went to the US. Bless moved to Manila just recently. Anne also left the bank and although she's just in Davao, I hardly get to see her anymore. Same story with Dyna and Noreen.

I guess that's how life is. We move on with our lives either for better opportunities or to start a family somewhere else. It is a little bit sad but we have to embrace change, it's the only thing that's been consistent in our lives. It's a melancholic realization but nevertheless real. There are a lot of wonderful memories that we've shared in our stint in the bank, I hope that it is enough to keep us as friends in the long haul.

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