15 April 2009

All About the S.O.F.A.

I was reading an FB shoutout today when I read one who was complaining about the state of office affairs. I did not mind it, specially that I, myself, am not the model PR spin doctor for my company. I have a lot of complaints and frustrations with my moolah provider so I have nothing against these kinds of venting, specially that I do that, too. The bone I have to pick is with the people who shared their sentiments.

And share they really did. One nincompoop actually averred that the reason for his departure was the deplorable state of office affairs (which I am calling s.o.f.a. moving forward in this article). I can't really tell if his departure was untimely or unexpected but I don't think that the s.o.f.a. had anything to do with his much welcomed exit but as far as I can remember, he had a problem. A big attitude problem. He thinks that he is a deity’s gift to the corporate world. Although, I must admit he is not really a total dim bulb, but there were people with equal if not more talent and with more skills compared to him in the office. So when a series of promotions were opened, they were given to people who had a better work ethic and sunnier disposition. And much like most people with delusion of grandeur, he was deeply hurt with the snub. And true to form, together with his amazing attitude, he is still kicking tin cans off the street waiting for his OFW benefactor. As unemployed as a 70-year old clap-stricken professional stripper.

There were others who also blamed the s.o.f.a. for their (not so) graceful exits totally ignoring the fact that one had a different priority and the other was chased away due to sheer stupidity. Sometimes the tenacity of people to overlook certain truths to make them look better just amazes me.

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