29 April 2009

marami ang namamatay sa maling akala...

09298772596 texted: Naa pud us nahibaluan sup b na ma promote. Naay attndance issues ug dli man pud dat gud ang prformnce. but we hear ma promote na daw. Dat agent was supose to resign. Pde diay ma promote sup bsan naa DA? hay sup, i wil jst work n exceed wats xpctd for me to dliver. Bhala na lang

09082497800 replied: Tnx 4 ur feedbk bt allow me 2 raise some points: * top performance is not necessary 4 comms coach* HR s d 1 who decides dsqualfictions 4 DAs * i am not d hiring manager, jinji s yet to decide, y assume that d promotion s a done deal? * f u assumd coz i am close w/ dat person, dat means u dnt know me. I may seem 2 favor people close 2 me, but only wen day deserve it. again, d person u r referring 2 hs not been promoted and I dnt know if he will b as d decision is not mine 2 make. thank u 4 ur commitment 2 do ur bst despite of dis. It would be better f u tok 2 me n person so dat i can explain more in detail

It's funny when people make assumptions and accusations based on what they hear through the grapevine. Not only has this person assumed that Gino (the person the texter is referring to) will be promoted, the texter insinuated that Gino is favored because we are friends. True, we are friends and I will help Gino move-up, but only if he deserved it. Gino has been asking if he could be an SME, but I've always begged off. Not only is there a process, I believe that there are far better candidates. He applied for communications coach, this time. Now that's a different story. For one, I know he is qualified. I can make recommendations. But alas, I am not the hiring manager but the C.O.L. Manager and Jinji (the hiring manager) is still in the process of interviewing people. She will then endorse this to HR. Now if HR indeed has records of disciplinary actions against Gino, I can't controvert that. While a good performance is important, in the position in question, it is not necessary. No matter if you are number one in performance but if you talk like you need a lesson on PREPOSITION 101, you won't be communications coach.

Unless you see the water droplets, don't shout that it's raining. I am but a simple person but don't get ahead of my actions because you might get disappointed.

I did not get the name of the texter, shame.

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Overdressed Me said...

oohhhhh... office politics.

as juicy as this may sound, i feel that i've heard this issue before. this is old news and it's nothing Ron can't handle. right Ron?