26 July 2009

Explaining the Absence...

And so it goes, I have been absent yet again for a long time from the blog-universe. It's just it has been quite a "good" read the comment of one previous post was, and I am a little apprehensive to cause another stir. At the risk of being tagged a drama queen, I do write about things that I am quite passionate about. Although I re-read all my post many times before I publish them, sometimes, I become hasty especially when the issue I am to tackle is fresh and so infuriating. As they say, haste makes waste, or in my case, a poorly thought through article.

I am not a pensive and introspective person. I don't keep my thoughts to myself, I blurt them out (or blog them, in this case). I was in the opinion that my blogs are my own personal private thoughts, hence I am entitled to say what I want to say. I know better now. My blogs are online evidence of how I can be immature and irate at times.

I don't know why I can't just be all sunny and blog about happy thoughts. Maybe there is true to the "drama queen" thing. I keep teasing some of my friends and close relatives that they are drama queens without me noticing that I am, too. At least in my blogs. But alas the question is, should I slow down and care? Slow down, maybe not. But I will care. This time instead of blogging when things are boiling, I will wait for the issue to simmer down, when the time has come that I have seen all sides and I am "sober" from the intoxicating anger, that's the time I will blog.

It's a deal.

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