7 September 2009

Sailing (another pointless entry)

Ever wondered why you sailed faster than others, Captain Cook? That's because the wind was constantly blowing on your sails. Now that you are in the Doldrums, the windless region of this vast ocean, you drift aimlessly. Will you still reach your destination?

History says that you'd reach New Zealand, that should count for something. Sure your intended destination was the Spice Island, at least you discovered the land of the Kiwis. Serendipitous or not, you will reach A destination. But is it really success if you did not see the port you want to see?

Maybe yes, maybe no. One thing I can advise to you, my cap'n. Pray hard to the god of the wind, for he alone can sail a boat. You can harness the power of the wind but what will you harness when the wind dies. My point, if your boat have sails, your patron should be the wind god. Make sure he is not upset with you, assuming it's not yet too late.

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