7 September 2009

We Belong to The Working Class, Deal With It

As usual, when I am online, I read through Facebook shoutouts.  I can't help it.  I shouldn't, I know.  A number of them are just bitchin' about their work.  I, too, quite a number of times made a pot shot at my job.  But some are a tad too vulgar at it.  It makes me cringe specially if it came from one of my office mates.

We all want to live a romantic life, where we can laze on white sand beaches, watch the sunset, set on a journey, climb mountains, pursue writing, back-pack through Europe... I could think of a million things that I'd rather do than work.  I envy those people who can just drop all cares, quit their jobs and be a bum.  Not that I want to be a bum, it's just that I never had the courage to be jobless.  In this day and age, and in this recession, it must be crazy to think about quitting work.

But no matter how much we deny it, we need to toil.  To earn a living, to eat, to pay bills, to clothe ourselves, to send a sibling to school, et cetera.  To pursue our interests, we need money.  To have money, we need a paying job.  Reality kinda knocks our heads most of the time, specially when we go hungry and there is nothing in our purses.  Some of us had to go through those lean times when money is scarce, me included.  Terrible times.  I don't want to be in that situation again, nor would I want that to happen on my son.  So we toil, for the day to day and for the future.  All romantic pursuits placed on hold.

If we try our best to appreciate the blessing of employment, we won't feel so bad and bitch about it.  All is not lost anyway, we still can walk white sandy beaches on vacations and all other pursuits, as long as we continue to have jobs, we will have the means.  We may not be as rich as the Waltons or the Zobels, but we will have reprieve somehow, but we have to work first.

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